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A recent announcement over at Adobe Labs delivered the deeply disappointing news that the team working on native 64-bit versions of the bloated, creaking memory-hog Flash Player had given up after literally several tries.

Drawing up a list of criteria, and researching possible candidates, for a hardware purchase is an increasingly time-consuming process. Especially if the device in question is to be running Linux. Increasingly, reviewers trot out page after page of arbitrary statistics for things most of us will never attempt — instead of answering the important questions. Whilst it is pleasing to know that a reviewer has successfully installed the device to a point where it can be demonstrated in this way, sometimes it would be more useful to know exactly how this was done.

A few recent local changes included a restructuring of inbound mail delivery to include UCE (more frequently called spam) filtering using a combination of the venerable procmail and the increasingly impressive bogofilter.

Ever run snmpwalk on an SNMP-enabled device and been disappointed by the available information? There may well be a very simple reason for that.

The Net-SNMP implementation of the SNMP stack has some default settings that may be far from optimal in many cases. Specifically, the snmpwalk and...

After what seems like an age, Adobe has stopped pretending that the undeniable future of computing is 32-bit and built a native 64-bit Flash plugin for Linux. Although still an alpha release, it is at least the current version (10). If you’re using 64-bit Linux, and feel you’re missing out on a wh...

A recent upgrade to python 2.6 left a getmail cron job spewing warnings about a deprecated import of the sets module:

DeprecationWarning: the sets module is deprecated

Since python 2.4 the functionality of this module has been duplicated by built-in functions; a quick conversion is all that is...