That Sinking Feeling II


Given the measured clearance of 190mm from the motherboard surface (as seen in Part I of this report) and the Scythe-supplied height of 150mm, this should be fairly straightforward.

There is, after all, plenty of space all round the stock cooler.

Space For Install

Now I’ve convinced myself that it will physically fit, it’s time to remove the stock cooler and prepare the installation. Removing the stock cooler allows the low-profile solid capacitors on the Abit AB9 motherboard to be seen, these give more clearance for heatsinks of a lower-sitting type.

Low-Profile Capacitors Around Socket

Notice also that the socket structure itself takes 10mm or so of the 190mm available before we’ve even started!

Comparing the two heatsinks makes it abundantly clear just how big the Scythe Mine Rev.B actually is.

Comparison Of Scythe Mine Rev.B and Stock Intel Heatsink

After removing the protective covering from the base of the new heatsink I was a little worried by the immediately apparent pattern left behind. After some consideration I decided to continue on regardless.

Heatsink Covering Residue

You can clearly see the Intel-style quick fastenings on the heatsink, this was one of the reasons for my decision as I intended to install it without removing the motherboard from the case…

Continued in Part III of this report.

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