That Sinking Feeling IV


With the mighty Scythe Mine Rev.B heatsink finally installed in the Antec NSK-4400UK case the moment of truth comes ever closer: Will the side of the case actually fit on with the heatsink mounted?

Mounted Heatsink Overhead View

Looking along the side from the rear exhaust vent you can clearly see that there is enough clearance for the side panel to fit, although it is a lot closer than I thought.

Case Side Perspective

Success! The Scythe Mine Rev.B heatsink fits happily inside my Antec NSK-4400UK case.

For those of you with an interest, the new heatsink dropped idle temperatures to 24°C (with an ambient temperature of 23°C!) and loaded temperatures to 48°C after 60 minutes of dual-core OCCT or Orthos with a 33% overclock to 2.8 GHz (previously it was hovering at over 70°C without overclocking under load).

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