there's already a word for that

Given the measured clearance of 190mm from the motherboard surface (as seen in Part I of this report) and the Scythe-supplied height of 150mm, this should be fairly straightforward.

There is, after all, plenty of space all round the stock cooler.

Following a recent collection of PC upgrades, it rapidly became clear that – in order to unlock some of the wealth of overclocking potential that I read about every day – a new heatsink would be required.

Given the system specifications (an Intel Core2Duo E6420 on an Abit AB9 motherboard) and a desperate desire for quiet, after much reading I opted for the recently-refreshed Scythe Mine Rev.B. Having finally placed my order I began to have some serious doubts – certainly the Mine would be man enough for the job in question, but would it fit inside my beloved Antec NSK-4400UK case?